The power of analyzed data 

Data is a crucial part of todays digitization! Only with data there's a possibility to optimize processes and building a fundamental part of clear and correct decisions. 

Business Intelligence in Full HD 

BigData Monitor® is an innovative software tool able to visualize complex and extreme variable data traced from different sources of information at the same time. 


The quick consolidation and visualisation of all business data through the BigData Monitor® explain the actual status and the history of all companies processes in real time.

Detail information 

Enormous quantity of information with all the related details are available on a compact space on different display options without waiting times.  


  • - Visualization of enormous amount of data 
  • - Real-time visualization 
  • - Noticing trends fast and enable to react in time  
  • - Reduced downtime, due to predictive maintenance  
  • - FAST problem and error detection 
  • - Report and dashboard designer 
  • - various and multiple options for visualization without loading time 

The BigData Monitor® is in combination with our MEP®DataRecorder the perfect tool to gather and analyze your data. It's easy to get fast benefits of your collected data. Surely you can also buy the BigData Monitor® as stand alone software, if you already have your data available.

Commonly asked about Big Data (Please feel free to contact us if you need more information in advance)

What is meant by the term "Big Data"?

In industry and technology, BigData refers to an enormous amount of recorded and collected data (mass data) that is too large, too complex and/or too fast-moving to be analysed reasonably by ordinary means.

Why is the BigData Monitor® needed?

BigData datasets cannot be represented by numbers in a logically comprehensible way. Therefore, it is necessary to display all data sets clearly ordered, graphically and in colour. This is exactly what the BigData Monitor® does. This means that these mass data can be displayed in a simple and clearly arranged way in a dashboard.

What is the benefit of analysing the data?

By evaluating BigData datasets, a wide range of data and key figures can be displayed and compared. This allows decisions to be made at a completely new level.