Your global and cyber-secure service strategy

With our MEP®Manager we offer you a way to create a quick and secure connection to every production site through a central administration location. In this way you can achieve quick and real-time access to the machines, regardless of their location.

Optimize your business with our MEP®Manager!

Something crucial for us: the security of your data.

To make sure that your data is always protected we use a VPN connection, so that no unauthorised access is allowed. It is also possible to set up several user accounts and assign to each of them different access rights.

Emergency? Work on your service from where you are, instead of always rushing to the site

Thanks to the VPN connection and using the MEP®Manager as an administration unit, the employee can connect to the MEP®SmartDevices and therefore to the machines, regardless of their location. Therefore, no other service staff is needed and costs are substantially reduced. Thus, problems can be solved quickly, cheaply and efficiently.

Get the highest transparency about current activities

Every connection and modification is recorded in real time, so that even in other times it is possible to check which employee has worked on it.

How it works

Employees from different sites can build through the VPN-Client a secure connection to the MEP®Manager VPN-Server.

The connection to the MEP®Manager and all the remote connections to the machines that are initiated with MEP®Manager are conducted through a secure VPN tunnel and therefore protected from any unauthorized access.

To make plants / machines accessible via the MEP®Manager, a MEP®SmartDevice must be integrated into the plant network. It establishes secure communication between MEP®Manager and the system network.

Authorized employees can access the machines behind them via the MEP®Manager and the MEP®SmartDevice. To establish a connection with the respective machine, the employee must start the connection. Once the employee has started the connection, SSH, VNC and RDP connections can be called up directly via the browser, as if the machine were directly connected to the local network of the employee PC.

Benefits of MEP®Manager at a glance – Security – Time savings through simple configuration – Travel cost savings – New business models, such as backup service – Resource optimization – High transparency about on-going activities